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Take Your Team and yourself to the next level of success with one of our personalized coaching services.

Small Business Coaching

3 - month intensive

Why Edgehill?  Small business owners are juggling many aspects of the business from customer care to business development to managing casj flow.  As such, it is easy to get stuck and lose site of what it takes to get to the next level.  Is that you?  Are you having a hard time lifting your head up to see what is around the corner ?  If so, our small business coaching product is for you.  This coaching option is intensive (i.e. fast) and is focused both on the business owner (you) and the business.  Let's get started!


Product Details: Over the course of three months, we will set clear outcome goals for both the business and for the leader.  We will work 2-3 years out and create a plan of action to hit and/or exceed those goals.  We will ask questions like…What must be true to hit your goals?  What does winning look and feel like?  What is getting in your way?  What strengths do you bring to the table to help you achieve your goals?  Why are these goals important to you? 


This coaching option is intended for leaders that are ready to change and possess high levels of self-awareness. If that is you, contact us at

Leadership Coaching

6 - month contract

Why Edgehill? Leadership at all levels is hard.  As your responsibility levels increase you often have fewer and fewer people who are willing to give you the tough advice, the truth.  Remember the story: The emperor has new clothes?  And, it is easy to get stuck in old habits that might have severed you well at one level, but no longer work in the current environment.  6-month coaching with Edgehill will help you build awareness, gain new and valuable insight and unlock your greatness.  Your coach will listen, speak to your truth and help you live your potential.   Let's get started!


Details: Over the course of six months, we will set clear goals for you as the leader.  We will understand your barriers, habitsnd emotional triggers that might be holding you back.  We will also leverage your strengths and test new moves to accelerate your growth and development.   


This coaching option is intended for leaders that are ready to change and possess some self-awareness.  Is the you?  If so, contact us at

Edgehill Leadership accelerator (ELA)

3 - 4 month program

Why Edgehill? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you looking for ways to grow and retatin great talent as well as build a pipeline of future leaders? ELA is the talent development program that will help you grow critical leadership skills and competencies to achieve your goals by differentially investing your leaders so that they continue to develop their skills based on your company's strategic needs. ​​Let us come do a one week assessment and customize a program for you.  Contact us at

Product Details: ELA is a proprietary talent development program utilizing adaptive leadership workshops based on a framework of five critial leadership competencies. These customized sessions align with your company's desired talent profile/behaviors and engage your own senior leaders as keynote speakers. This open exposure to senior leaders helps foster meaningful relationships and trust-building with peers across your company. Our clients will say that this program has been a game-changer from them.  

ELA is intended for leaders who are ready to learn the benefits of leading through empowerment vs. control, expanding their self-awareness and creating followership. This program is best suited for cohorts of senior leaders to emerging leaders.  We can accomodote group sizes from 12 to about 30. The cohorts typically meet 3 to 4 times for all-day sessions with a few shorter virtual sessions in between.  Coaching for leaders while in the program is an additional option you can choose.  Due to COVID 19 we have a virtual option as well.  For this option the teams meet more opten just less intensively.



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