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Jason Bane

Jason is a strategic technology executive with over 25 years of experience aligning business and technology outcomes to increase revenue and reduce operating cost in order to deliver great products. He is a recognized leader in Cloud transformations with an ability to ensure companies are investing in the right Public, Private or Hybrid cloud technologies to align to their business needs. 

With a proven ability to assess organizations product delivery maturity, Jason seeks to implement the right blend of Lean, Agile and Waterfall frameworks to increase throughput and eliminate waste. His relentless focus on security ensures that client and company digital assets are protected with the latest cutting-edge cyber security offerings 

While Jason deeply understands technology, he also has a successful track record as a leader that builds high performing teams and retains top talent by setting challenging expectations, hands on mentoring and regular coaching. 


Jason is Cloud Practitioner Certified in both Azure Fundamentals and AWS.

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