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As a leader in a company or a leader of a company, it can be hard to find others that are willing to tell you what you really need to hear.  It is easy to get stuck in old habits that might not work anymore as things change and pivot.  Coaching with Edgehill helps leaders build personal awareness and gain valuable insights to unlock greatness.  Your Edgehill coach will listen, speak to your truth and help you live your potential.   Let's get started!

Your Coaching Products:

  • Small Business Coaching:  Intensive coaching focused both on the business owner (you) and the business. 

       8-10 one-hour weekly sessions

  • Leadership Coaching: Recurring coaching designed to uncover, develop and achieve your goals - to unlock your greatness. 

       12 one-hour sessions every 2 weeks for 6 months 

  • Career Coaching:  Faced-paced targeted coaching.  Find your dream job and understand what is important to you, develop your story and hone your ability to connect with potential employers. 

       5 one-hour weekly sessions


Amanda possesses incredible insights, forged by leading large-scale change in a top ten financial institution... Under her innovative approach, I imagined a new future and made it happen. Amanda is a stand-out in a field cluttered with wannabes.


Sr. Director, Business Development – Fortune
100 company


 Paige Raving fan from Allison at VSH

 Sr. Director, Business Development – Fortune
100 company

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