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Driving change is hard. Investing the time to understand the root cause of pain points can pay huge dividends. Edgehill listens to understand your current state and offers custom recommendations to help you and your team perform at the next level.    


Your Discovery Process:

  • Listen: We listen to insights from team members and leaders.


  • Observe:  We go and see the work firsthand before making any recommendations.

  • Deliver:  We articulate the current state including improvement areas and a roadmap of future state.

  • Recommend:  We deliver clear recommendations on your barriers and how to overcome them.


"The Discovery investment paid for itself and more as it uncovered insights in to the business that we were able to action against before we even began the main engagement."

Travis Hawkins, VP and Director of Virginia Operations, Rudy.L.Hawkins Electrical Contracting


"Paige's ability to jump into any project, lead, teach and apply lean principles has been amazing. The increased visibility to the problems, and the prioritization rhythm has added a ton of value to us to begin to manage capacity and create efficiencies across our organization."

CEO, Virginia Beach SPCA

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