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Take your high potential leaders to the next level with our collaborative, fun and adaptive approach to training. Your leaders will learn, practice and sustain new habits.  Edgehill’s learning mantra is... “an ounce of training and a pound of practice.” 

 Our Training Products

  • Team Coaching:  Team coaching aligns teams to key outcomes, values and deliverables.  Everyone communicates better, focuses on removing obstacles and builds trust - typically 2-3 ½-day sessions.

  • Leadership Accelerator:  Differentially invest in your high potential leaders with customized training. Deliver new strategic insights, expand awareness, increase ability to lead larger teams (i.e. step up), and develop deep trust building with peers. This is a transformational investment! 3-5 days over 4 months. 


  • Workshops:  Stand-alone workshops help teams tackle specific opportunities.  These include:  Vision Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Fierce Conversations, Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Growth, Women’s Empowerment and Team Dysfunction. 1-day and ½-day workshops.


"The training made me thing about how to handle the younger generation and their way of thinking." 


Project Manager, Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical Contracting

"Amanda is uniquely effective in this role because of her own leadership experiences.  She has led large teams, taken risks, and driven large, complicated initiatives through to success – this gives her credibility with the audience AND she is able to draw on personal examples as she discusses key leadership tenets. She is able to connect deeply on a personal level – I felt, and others did too, that Amanda cares deeply about our development and success."


Vice President – Fortune 100 company

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