Sustainable positive growth is the hallmark of success.  Edgehill builds capability and capacity in your team to sustain results even after we are gone.  With new habits and new muscle memory, your teams will teach others what they have learned – this approach builds lasting culture changes. In short, our approach is designed to “teach to fish”. 


Our Sustaining Products


  • Monthly System Coaching: Team-level coaching to reinforce the new behaviors, process improvements and key learnings. Typically 4-5 days a month


  • Monthly Leadership Team Coaching:  Leadership team coaching to help the team continue to lead at the new level and maintain and improve new learnings.  Typically 2-3 days a month

"Our first workshop with Amanda and Paige helped the team see that we were measuring activities versus outcomes. Since then, they have helped us identify clear objectives and measurements that position our firm to more effectively drive growth while staying true to the promise we make to our clients."

Chief Investment Officer and Chief Compliance Officer -Wealth Advisory Firm

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